Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Beginners Guide to Paladin Tanking: A.K.A The Great Wall of Text

 Welcome you bringers of the light, you crusaders of justice, you who proclaim in a loud booming voice, "Do whats right... or I will fucking kill you!"  Todays article is all for you, oh banana shouldered ones!  Today i will be discussing the basics of tanking with a bringer of the holy light.   Paladin tanking is relatively simple (as compared with other tanking classes) in that our rotation is for the most part fixed, we only have 1 true defensive cooldown, and most of what would be our other defensive cooldowns are passive (always on) abilities, or are side effects of the spells that are already in our rotation.

    As a tank you have 3 priorities.

  1. Build threat
  2. Stay alive
  3. Look good while doing it!

    I will not be going into deep theory-crafting, gearing, or chanting.  There are many other options for that kind of thing, though I may do posts on them at a later date.